I thought I wanted to share with you where I see my business being in the longer run.

My vision is to be a small hub and spoke agency focussed on customer experiences and their lifetime journey.

Small means never big.

Hub and Spoke means I collaborate and bring partners in to help deliver for clients as required.

Focussed on customer means I watch Gen Z and millenials to learn what’s new.


My mission won’t change from what it is now.

To amplify ethical ecommerce businesses to twice their size each year, faster than their counterparts, to make the world a better place & secure the income of the people working for those businesses.


As such I owe it to you to explain what my values are. Everyday I journal and my “to do” list in Evernote has my 6 values as prompts which I write tasks against.

They start with the question:

What would make today great?

  1. Communication: Small, frequent, relevant, useful.
  2. Leadership: Like a Shepherd – lead the flock to green pastures, protect from wolves, keep things together.
  3. Commitment: If I am going to do something, I do it. It may take longer than expected but a deliverable is a deliverable.
  4. Resilience: I welcome obstacles, the unknown and resistance as they change me for the better.
  5. Creativity: Today is better when something that didn’t exist before does.
  6. Ethics: Fair, Sustainable, Respectful. Do what is right for long term.