Question: Why is it that my Facebook ad is not converting? I’ve got 125 clicks, 2,700 reach, 2,900 impressions and 9 on the relevance score. A couple of good and interested comments and shares but no sales.

My Answer:

Ok as I haven’t seen your ad & landing page so I can’t be specific. If you want me to review your ad and campaign get in touch.

So some quick advice. When was the last time you bought anything after seeing an ad the first time? The impression frequency 2900/2700 is 1.07 times per user.

Why are you expecting a sale if it takes 3 campaigns – cold, warm, hot audiences to make repeatable sales?

Cold Campaign

The job of the first campaign/ad might be to segment your audience into who is interested v’s who isn’t. You will find out when the impression frequency is closer to 3.

Bu then the success metric might be 50%+ video views or post engagement, not sales.

Warm Campaign

After you have your audience warmed up it would then be time to educate and motivate them towards the sale. What are the doubts, concerns, goals, ambitions of people who buy your product?

I’d expect that you would take them to the site, offer an opt-in and follow up with an email or messenger bot automation series to warm them up. That might be another 4–7 touches by your brand.

Hot Campaigns

Then the third phase is where you will use carousel or product based ads going for the sale, taking them to the product sales page.

From there it is a remarketing job. Who visited the sales page in the last 3 days and what would you say to them in person if they had doubts?

At days 4–7 if they still hadn’t bought what would you offer as a sweetener to make them convert.

It’s going to take multiple campaigns, 12–14 touches before they buy. Don’t expect to be a sniper and have one campaign, one view, one sale. That only happens in Hollywood.

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