YouTube channels and videos are awesome as the hardest work has been done creating the script, the audio and visuals.

The way that you promote them is by unpacking them into their components and using those in different ways that point back to your channel.

  1. Use The Video Intro As A Native Video on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn

So at the start of your videos you might already have an ad made. Like “In this video I’m going to tell you the secret to making the best vegan chocolate cakes in the world. I’ll cover the ingredients, the special equipment and a little known process blah blah blah.

The point is this teaser at the front can be cut & edited out to a 5–15s long version that can be uploaded and promoted on other social channels. Just make sure that you cover the value that someone will get from watching the full video. Use an appropriate description with the call to action to watch the full video at your channel.

2. Organic promotion by Google Search

If you don’t already have a transcription of the video then you can get one in many places for about a $1 per minute. I like to use speechpad.com or rev.com.

If you had a script before hand no need to do this. Take your YouTube video and the transcription and paste it on your blog. You do have one of those don’t you?

This is something I plan to do on my blog shortly where I will do the reverse and make these answers into YouTube videos.

3. Picture Based Content

Now assuming you have some good frames in the video you can make screenshots of different frames and name them as per what ever keyword you are are trying to rank for. eg Keyword-1.jpg, keyword-2.jpg etc where each keyword is the same but a different frame so you know where to organise them on the post.

You can use these images on all your normal social channels like Instagram Snapchat, Linkedin plus Pinterest. What ever is appropriate for your audience.

4. Use the audio in multiple places for different audiences & backlinks.

Audio is gold. If you use speechpad they will strip out the audio for you as a mp3 if you haven’t already got this handy. Services like Auphonic can make your sound awesome if you need to do some post production on it.

The first thing to do with your audio is to use a podcasting service like blubrry. If you get an intro and outro made on Fiverr you make this a really polished sounding podcast.

Blubrry’s wordpress plugin allows you to embed the podcast show back into your blog post. This medium is awesome for people commuting to work or people that have vision impairments and prefer audio. Think commuters on the way to work.

But I think the super cool juice is that Blubrry will publish the audio to different platforms like Apple’s podcasts, soundcloud and a few other places.

All of these create high authority backlinks to your blog post.

5. Think bigger: 5x Assets x 5x Audiences = 25x more eyeballs?

So now having done this think about your digital assets you have made.

  1. YouTube channel
  2. Blog
  3. Facebook page / (Private Members Only Group?)
  4. Instagram Account
  5. Podcast

You can stop thinking about just promoting just one asset. Up your game and promote all 5 assets rather than just one. Use this as an ecosystem to promote all your assets to and on each other as a virtuous cycle. To pour fire on the flames use paid advertising and make the wheel spin faster.

The hard part is getting it all done consistently over the long run.

If you have more questions you can contact me via the link in my bio.

Please comment or share if this has helped you.

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