Better Instagram Ad Photos


Facebook has plenty of help in this Beginners Guide To Advertising On Facebook.

So I’ll give you a more advanced and hopefully memorable answer. David Olgivy said the best sort of image is the one that creates curiosity or has story appeal.

So let’s tell a story.

Let’s talk about a small business that sells kids bikes.

The local bike store owners name is Jack.

Jack wants to sell more bikes but he is losing ground to Kmart and other big-box retailers. They sell cheap bikes.

Jack works hard. Gives great service and takes care to make sure that every bike he sells correctly fit the kids who ride them.

So should the photos be of the bikes or the kids riding the bikes?

I’d say it should be a photo of the Dad behind the bike. Straight after giving the first push after the training wheels come off.

Do you remember that moment you first rode without training wheels? How did you feel? Free as a bird with a big smile from ear to ear with your hair messed up, blowing in the wind.

See the bike shop doesn’t sell bikes. They sell:

  • family memories,
  • safety and protection of the kids by the parents,
  • sass and confidence of a pimped up bike with streamers on the ends of the handlebars with flowers that rattle in the spokes.
  • It’s about the emotions of fun and joy.

Products shots are generally dull and boring.

For whatever is your product think about what is the bigger impact, the aspirational after state.

Dads who buy the bikes want to feel proud. Rightly so. (My Dad bought me an awesome purple dragster with a 3 gear shift in the centre of the crossbar back in the 70’s. I was under 10 but still, love that bike).

Let’s end the fictional story. Assume Jack changed his strategy to personalising every bike he sold. He let the kids and parents come in together to custom design and order a unique bike every time.

As a result, the parents loved sharing photos of that first ride on Facebook / Instagram. He even made a competition of this. His eCommerce business boomed so much that he had lots of “stories” to choose from.

You could be Jack.

Hope this helps you create a successful Instagram or Facebook picture ad.

Happy riding.



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