Pre Race Set Up Check & Tune


or 4 payments of $249.25 with Afterpay



  1. Create your Facebook Ads account using
  2. Create your Google Ads account and tie it to the Google MCC.
  3. Create your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account.
  4. Create your Google Analytics account.
  5. Check / Set up Google Analytics with GTM.
  6. Check / Set up Facebook Pixels
  7. Check / Standard Events with GTM.
  8. Check / Set Up Twitter Remarketing Pixels
  9. Check / Set Up LinkedIn Remarketing Pixels
  10. Create your first Website Custom Audience on Facebook.
  11. Set up Google Remarketing Pixel using GTM.
  12. Publish your GTM container and tags to the website.
  13. Check / Add Required Users to each Property
  14. Verify everything is set up correctly.



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