4c. Google Analytics Set Up


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Google Eco-System Linking & Initial Analytics Reporting Set Up & Analysis

    1. Link Google merchant center, 
    2. Link adwords 
    3. Link Search console
    4. Link Google optimize
    5. Set up enhanced ecommerce reporting is set up on your Shopify site, so you know which channels, audiences & buyer segments convert the best.
    6. Add Google Tag Manager container to your site.
    7. Optimise your default Google Analytics channel definitions so you can see paid social from general social media when “utm” tags are used. (+ SMS and Push Notifications if you use those).
    8. Make sure that “utm” tags are correctly set from your email service provider – eg MailChimp
    9. Make sure you have the 3 recommended Google Analytics views – raw, test and main.
    10. Filter your own IP address from traffic reports & known bots
    11. Filter payment providers from referral sources. 
    12. Ensure site search is on.
    13. Verify everything is set up correctly.


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