1. Customer Lifetime Value Review (The Race Course)

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If you don’t have a recent map of your entire customer lifetime value journey then this service is exactly what you need now.

Here’s what’s covered.

  1. Big Picture – The marketplace and your position in it.
  2. Awareness – how do people first become aware of you.
  3. Engage – how are people engaging with you or not.
  4. Subscribe – How do people raise their hand to tell you what they are interested in.
  5. Convert – How do people make their first purchase or investment.
  6. Excite – How do you sell your core offering
  7. Ascend – what are you doing to drive repeat purchases
  8. Advocate – how are you capturing voice of the customer advocacy.
  9. Promote – how are you driving word of mouth referrals.

As a result this review you will get a major report covering the above with screenshots as to how to improve your customers lifetime value.

This takes me over 4 hours to complete on average & is available to qualifying businesses.

If you want to purchase the upsell package to this free service then have a look at my power hour package.

In addition to the report you will get an hour face to face video meeting to discuss and clarify your strategy.

This will be recorded for your future review.

In addition you will get an ICE idea bank that prioritises your projects by Impact, Confidence and Ease to execute.

The value of this report and idea bank would easily be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars.

2 reviews for 1. Customer Lifetime Value Review (The Race Course)

  1. Andrew

    It is so refreshing to talk to someone who really knows what its like to try to get headway online, and can relate to the real issues facing store owners. The report has been enlightening and very helpful, highlighting some aspects of the online journey we had not fully appreciated.

  2. Mike van der Heijden

    Anthony provided a very structured and well thought out review of our online CBD business. Having been in the industry for over 15 years it’s refreshing to see how Anthony’s Life Time Value Review brings ideas outside of the typical recommendations we’ve seen in agency audits. I would highly recommend for e-commerce businesses looking to get a perspective from someone who’s very obviously been doing this a long time.

    • Ant

      Thanks Mike. You’re very kind. Ant

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