5d. CRO Package (Free Bonus)

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For customers who have more than 1 channel being optimised and tuned on the premium package I will do the following CRO services.

  1. Determine Priority Pages / Order To Test
    1. Refer to HotJar Funnels
    2. Google Analytics Shopping Behaviour
    3. Manually from Analytics page traffic data Home > Collection > Cart etc using regex
    4. Site usability review / hotjar recordings or own use.
    5. What are the top landing page for different traffic sources?
    6. What are the top exit pages for non converters? (Next Why did they leave??)
  2. Gather Data On Page
    1. Google Analytics
    2. HotJar
    3. User Feedback
  3. Research & Create Hypothesis To Test
    1. Identify Obstacles To Conversion / Best Practices To Assist
    2. Refer to Lift Model
    3. Competitors – what are the top competitors doing so well?
    4. Ecom Giants
    5. Product Page Audit Tool
    6. Landing Page Checklist
    7. Get Test Proposal Signed Off by client.
  4. Design Variants
    1. Wireframe new version of page
    2. Develop the new page to be tested (clients cost – can be outsourced)
    3. Ensure Can Measure Criteria For Win
    4. Define Win Threshold & confidence level (95%)
  5. Run & Monitor Tests
    1. Set Up Google Optimise Test
    2. Start Test
    3. Monitor
    4. Identify Winners
    5. Document & report results.
  6. Promote Winner or New Test
    1. Repeat as per step 2 -6.
  7. Move on to next page.


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