The best eCommerce products to sell are the ones that make you the most profit but there are caveats.

Purchasing Principles

You’re going to need to sell proven solutions to problems that have good demand.

Have a look at Amazon and eBay and get a feel for how often the products you are considering are selling.

Check the purchase costs on Alibaba for physical goods.

You will need to buy low and sell high to have enough margin to advertise and scale.

They shouldn’t be illegal, immoral or unethical but one persons values are different from another.

Don’t be scared of difficult to ship products as that will mean less competition you face. Most people give up easily.

Information Products

If you are thinking about information products then you might want to have a look at the Gary Halbert letters[1].

They are amazing and I think it was Gary who said you if you want sell more hot dogs you need to find a hungry crowd first.

Then to wash down that good copywriting information, you will want to drink from the cup of living legend John Carlton[2].

Hope this helps you find the right products and sell more. Good luck.



eCommerce Growth Idea Checklist


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