As a result of watching this video you will have a process (& spreadsheet) to help make a good decision on selecting a new developer.


  1. Criteria
  2. Weighting
  3. Scoring

Decision Criteria

3 major areas 

  1.     Technical Capability, Experience and Knowledge
  2.     Cultural Fit
  3.     Financial

Going deeper

gut feel of people & presentation content/style
dictation vs collaboration
brands worked with aligned / right sized / retail experience
Project management approach (sprints cycle used and tools, ie Asana, Slack
presentation approach
pitch & assume vs. conversation & collaboration
open with pricing / concerns / ideas
project flexibility
Accommodating time zones and sending teams on site for build
ability to speak to future ideas / processes / projects and excitement for potential partnership
ongoing support flexibility
ability to accommodate the level of support we may require
experience (Platform Core)
Long term partner vs. new to the platform
experience (ERP, Backend)
Have experience integrating ERP/Harmony vs. have never deployed / integrated it
demonstrated innovation (design and/or structure) esp outside of the box Shopify functionality (i.e. loayalty click and collect, look books)
maturity / team structure
tenure and retention of skilled team from key projects
scale (able to support launch & growth)
sufficient team structure to support all phases of project
balance (function/experience)
understanding of site as more than transactional portal (w ideas to support)
Costs / Structure
Costs and retainer model


There is a lot to consider and not all things are equal.

But you can’t just assume a score out of 10 for everything.

You have a 100% decision capability, not a 130% or 170%.

So when you apply weighting make sure you consider the bigger picture to raise and reduce, trading off all considerations.

For some ecommerce business they may have a hard limit on the cost.

If so consider splitting out must criteria from wants and make the wants add to 100%.

The must have criteria are yes or no.

Don’t make the y cut here and they are out of consideration.

Scoring Presentations

Scoring is a subjective exercise.

The more people involved the better the quality of decision.

In case of above the a score out of 10 was assigned on the criteria against the persons perception to the defined criteria.

The final score is a mathematical equation. Raw score v weighting.


In the case of this spreadsheet it was extremely close decision.

We clarified and checked our scoring and it held fast. 

With hindsight I have no doubt the business went with the right developer.

Wrap Up

What is your process or criteria? Please comment.

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