Hi friend.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of chatbot personality types. Yep it’s drawing a long bow but hear me out.

You see I believe that the personality is derived genetically from the creators that make them and from the environment in which they operate. If it’s too close to home to talk about human personality traits lets use dogs.

The Poodles.

The Marketing chatbot is a bit like a poodle. It needs to be up to date with the latests and flashiest new offerings. It will run around all the guests at the party and try to get pats from everyone. It wants to understand your customers needs and recommend the best solution to them. If it does this really well it prides itself on the feedback and learns what type of guests are most likely to give it pats… for a higher ROAS.

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The Cattle Dogs

Some Sales chat bots are like a barking Cattle Dogs. You don’t want them around unless you are keen for a play because after a while it gets noisy and frustrating. It might deliver a coupon to you in a unique and fun way but you don’t really trust that it won’t bite you.

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The Golden Retrievers

Another sales chat bot is the Golden Retriever type. This is a better sales bot in my opinion as like a loyal friend it will fetch the paper for you to deliver interesting material and education up front. It will take the time to get to understand your needs and wants and is trained to follow your best instructions. There is often argument about whether this is cross breed of a marketing and sales bot.

See my Learn About Bots bot here. (Opens in Messenger)

The Beagles

Then there are the beagle variety of administration bots. The ones that love to sniff out the facts and dig up buried nuggets of information. These administration bots are great for taking information from customers and inserting into CRM systems and spreadsheets. They work hard, are straight to the point and they can save you hours of work.

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The Border Collies.

Then one the smartest kinds of bots is the customer service bot. These Border Collies are smart and can ask yes no questions to drill down into a customer problem, classify the kind of issue and recommend corrective actions. These bots free up the time of the important human customer service staff who now have a Kanban board full of projects finding creative preventative actions. They make your customers happier and your business experience better.

See my Customer Service demo bot here. (Opens in Messenger)

What do you think? Is assigning bots a personality too close to home or inevitable? Please share your thoughts in a comment below.