Chatbot User Experience Checklist

These are the quality assurance checks to be made when testing a bot prior to handing to customers.

The idea is that through the execution of these steps a better user experience will reflect well on the brand that developed the bot.

This should lead to higher NPS scores, more shares and more sales if appropriate.

  1. Blocks of text in small enough bites to be read in time before next message moves the screen.
  2. Simple language.
  3. No spelling mistakes.
  4. Appropriate slang use.
  5. No dead ends.
  6. Easy restart.
  7. Relevant supporting images and videos.
  8. Rating Conversations / Experience with a NPS score that asks for improvements and sharing.
  9. Offer Additional Assistance and Thank You at the End of the Conversation. 
  10. Request Information Early.
  11. Use of light humour to keep the bot entertaining.
  12. Lots of interaction with the user to keep them engaged.
  13. Ensure that the information provided is on point and valuable.
  14. Having the goal that it is not only an automation tool, but a form of communication alike real human interaction.
  15. Adding CTAs that are straight to point is essential as well.
  16. Make the bot more conversational and less robotic.
  17. Tag accordingly for more relevant and personal follow up.
  18. Easy access from main menu.
  19. Multiple menu options in bot to allow people to choose their own path.

What else? Please comment here

(Posted started & collated by me, contributions from the Manychat community 25/9/18)

Google Document Version Linked Here

If you are interested in seeing some demo bots please see the link here.


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