Hi there, how are you?

Lately I have been working with ecommerce businesses with $100+ mil in sales pa. But it’s a bit of a story as to how I got here.

10 Years ago I was the General Manager of a national business in Memphis Tennesee USA. I had a great job, awesome staff and I thought big opportunities.

But the Global financial crisis hit like a tornado.  It took down the company with me and 150 other staff. We made Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. No need for these with some many other companies going broke. The market was flooded with lots of vacant properties.

Riding my bike helped soothe the stress & anxiety.

The family returned here to Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW. Just south of the Gold Coast & north of Byron Bay. It hasn’t been easy at all. There are few employment roles locally.

So over many years, I rebuilt and converted my traditional sales & business skills into new Digital Marketing skills. Taking course after course, applying, testing and failing in the “University of Hard Knocks”.

I truly believe that insight & learning what currently works from the best is:

  1. The force that turns the pedals,
  2. Puts power into the drivetrain,
  3. Makes the rubber hit the road faster, and
  4. Enables eCommerce business owners and marketers to secure enduring revenue growth at less cost.

I now do freelance ecommerce consulting where I like to help business owners and marketers build enduring personal relationships with their customers.

I specialise in customer lifecycle marketing where we create multi channel customer journeys based on where they are at.

Could be using :

  • Email marketing,
  • Onsite personalisation,
  • Messenger marketing,
  • SMS,
  • SEM and Social Advertising,
  • Even snail mail & traditional direct sales.

I got here by being:

  • Google Adwords Certified for Search Advertising
  • Google Adwords Certified for Shopping Advertising
  • Digital Marketer Certified as an E-commerce Specialist
  • Digital Marketer Certified as a Customer Value Optimisation Specialist
  • Digital Marketer Certified as a Customer Acquisition Specialist
  • Digital Marketer Certified as a Direct Response Copywriting Specialist.
  • Digital Marketer Certified as a Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist

And there is more to come.

Now I am making myself available to go out for freelance rides with others.

I hope you enjoy the posts and they take you further up the hill, faster than going it alone.



Ps Want to ride with me? The best place to start is with The Ultimate eCommerce Growth Checklist. Click on the image below to get started in Facebook Messenger.